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Bitcoin Faucet & Lottery : Bitcoin Faucet & Lottery

Bitcoin is a network of digitally operated transactions, which are processed virtually without any currency transfer. Bitcoin is linked to no particular, centralized institution and operates as a free software accessible to everyone. It was launched in 2009 by a software designer named Satoshi Nakamoto. After its launched, different ways have been put forward related to bitcoin marketing. One of it is bitcoin faucets. The idea of bitcoin faucet was put forward by Gavin Anderson. The record of each and every bitcoin transaction is kept through bitcoin mining. The regulation of bitcoin mining is done via faucets. As the literal meaning of “faucet” suggests, they act as regulators of BTC flow. They have been proved highly effective in gathering more bitcoin users throughout the world.

Bitcoin faucets offer bitcoin mining if you complete certain tasks assigned to you. They can be easily accessed through various authorized websites. These websites provide free bitcoins to their users to start with. This perk has attracted a lot of people. As a user, you have to complete different tasks, like games, captcha codes, etc.

With each passing day, number of faucet websites are increasing. Every active bitcoin faucet tries to come up with innovative incentives to attract more users. offers up to 200$ in bitcoins on hourly basis against playing simple games. Some of the popular faucets even offer lottery tickets and referral commissions. Prizes against lottery tickets are offered on weekly and monthly basis. These perks have generated a large traffic. Bitcoin faucets are now one of active websites, with millions of users each day. Attracting more traffic has opened new ways for website owners to generate income. Apart from heavy traffic, bitcoin faucet websites also earn by containing advertisements of different companies. These companies pay them according to number of visitors. The more the visitors spend time on bitcoin faucets for playing games or participating in lotteries, the more these websites get paid by advertising company.

People usually hesitate to explore this modern and innovative way of online money transaction. Clients are usually insecure about the idea of digital money and are afraid of being misled. However, over the past few years, there has been a tremendous increase in registered bitcoin miners because of publicity and open incentives by bitcoin faucets and lotteries.

Another advantage of bitcoin mining is that it is anonymous. It does not require your name or personal data. Hence, one person can apply for bitcoin mining and can apply for lotteries through multiple accounts. However, some faucets have put put a limit of its use. Most popular and active bitcoin faucets include: BitCrate, BitCoiner, Free BitBox, ClaimCoin Fauceet Rotator, Free Digital Money, Bitcoin Bucket and Bunny Run, etc.

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